The Comission Process

To help make the process of ordering your comissioned artwork as easy as possible please take a moment to read the following information. Below I will explain the process and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.


Reference Photograph

The first step in the process is choosing the perfect photograph to work from. In the following sections I will discuss what makes the perfect reference photograph. It is best to have a selection of photographs ready when we have our consultation.


Choosing A Size

You will need to decide the size of the artwork. In the sections below I will list the sizes I work in and the prices for those sizes and what will be included.



Before confirming your order, I will advise you of my schedule and of any portrait comissions I am currently working on or have planned to do next. At this point I will also need to know when you would like your artwork. Is it a gift? Is there a specific date it needs to be ready by? Please note if the expected date is of very short notice I am likely to turn down the comission.

Confirmatiom & Deposit

Once you are ready to order your artwork, we will discuss any special requests that you may have, for example your pet may have a tag on their collar that you do not wish to be in the finished piece or you wish to clarify something on the image. Once the order has be confirmed a 25% non-refundable deposit will be requested before any work is started.


The Process

I quote 4 weeks to do a comission piece. However this may vary depentant on the complexity of the piece I am asked to work on. During the process of working on your artwork I do take progress pictures and post them on my social media platforms. You will be able to see these as they are posted. However if the artwork is a gift and you wish for it to remain a surprise until it is revealled then I will be happy to send progress updates directly to you either via text message or email at your request. 



As soon as the artwork is finished I will send a final updates picture for you to see. Before I send it to you it will be at this point that the remainder of the balance will be due. I will then package and send to your chosen address. You will receive your artwork ready to frame along with care instructions and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Reference Photo

A good clear reference photograph is a great starting point when planning your comissioned artwork. This is going to be a special keepsake so getting the right image to work from is important.


In the beginning stages I recommend you have ready a selection of different photographs. Although you may have a favourite that you wish to use other images can help highlight colouring and markings that are unique to your pet. Photographs can easily be taken using an mobile phone but to help you take that perfect picture here are a few tips:


  • Pictures taken in a higher resolution will result in better quality artwork.
  • Try to take pictures outside as opposed to indoors as the natural light will bring out your pets natural colours better.
  • Images with the head at an angle or slightly tilted is usually recommended as they can give the best depth to a picture.
  • Try to take pictures up close to your pet. Close up pictures help show hair texture and direction as well as facial features particularly the eyes and nose. 
  • Get down on the floor to your pets level, this way you avoid pictures of your pet looking up.
  • Try to get a picture with your pets eyes open. There is so much of your pets personality that can be captured in the eyes.


Pets That Have Passed Away

Sometimes people look to have a treasured artwork of a beloved pet who has passed away as a keepsake. Sometimes photographs can be very limited and I understand this can be the case. Before I commit to a portrait of this kind I would need to see all available pictures first. 


Below is a price list with a list of the different sizes available. The sizes are done to fit available framing to make choosing a frame easier. Prices include display matte and materials for the portrait itself and packing materials.


All portraits come with a Certificate of Authenticity and care instructions.

Postage is extra, please see details on this page.

1 Subject

2 Subjects

3 Subjects

5 X 7




8 X 10




11 X 14




16 X 20




Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for all sizes upon request.

Please contact me for more information.


Each artwork piece is carefully packaged to be sure it arrives to you safely and insured for its full value.

Quotes for shipping will be priced separately and calculated based on the size of the artwork and its destination.

Payment for delivery will be extpected in full with the remainder of the commission balance.

Portraits purchased within the United States of America will be mailled via the US Postal Service priority mail service. International orders will be shipped via UPS, a price estimate will be quoted on request.



If you would like to place an order for a commission, or would like more information regards placing an order for a commission or one of my custom made gifts then please feel free to contact me using the Commission request form.

Alternatively you can also visit my online shop.

Commission Request Form